PM Summit Partnership with UNICEF Ireland

Since its inception in 2015, the PM Summit has partnered with UNICEF Ireland to support the great work they perform throughout the world. Within that time we have raised €28,000 in support of their Syria appeal as well as other campaigns. It is our corporate goal and commitment that we intend to raise over €100,000 for UNICEF Ireland over the coming years.

In addition, UNICEF Ireland has been a resident exhibitor at the event, allowing delegates to experience for themselves what life is like for children in refugee camps, through the use of virtual reality headsets. We are delighted to be associated and partner with such a deserving NGO. We encourage all delegates to drop by their stand whilst attending the PM Summit to chat and hear about the tremendous work they do.

How far our donations go:

  • €50 buys enough lifesaving peanut paste to help 7 severely malnourished children for one week.

  • €75 buys exercise books for 180 children and pencils for a whole school.

  • €100 helps provide enough emergency medicine, vitamins and nutrients to help 20 children suffering from malnutrition.

We are confident in saying that over the past number of years PM Summit has not only helped but saved many children’s lives through our donations and we would be unable to continue our support without your participation, therefore, we thank you on their behalf.

We are delighted to be associated and partner with such a deserving NGO, to review their mission statement click HERE.