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Solicitor-Advocate, MD, PM and PC enthusiast Schutte Consulting Limited

With 18+ years’ experience advising on construction and engineering projects, Sarah fits projects into business strategy to promote benefits’ realisation, advocates confident and competent contract management, and puts law in a practical and purposive context. She has a specialist practice in P3M and project controls. Sarah Schutte will be co-presenting with Lee McDonagh

Presentation Title: Making the Contract Enable Good Project Management: A Case Study of Project Controls' Highs and Lows

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results why do projects in difficulty continue with the controls ‘specified’ in the contract rather than changing them to suit the phase and status of the project? Solid relationships and good contract management from the outset are musts, but collaboration deteriorates when project controls are not robust. This interactive visual session led by two industry specialists will challenge you to change the status quo!


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