The origins of PM Summit started back in 2015. During a discussion in the office we realised that there was no such event currently available that brought together people from all industries and sectors who were involved in projects using a variety of methodologies. At the time we found that there tended to be single tracked events that were very much focused on one particular methodology but did not allow for the cross pollination of ideas within the larger family of project management. The genesis was to create something unique that would be of interest to both the experienced and inexperienced project manager. No short order, but we believe that over the years our event has evolved and morphed into just that. An event were highly experienced project managers mingle with their peers and younger inexperienced project managers. When such gathering occurs and people share their knowledge there is an exponential benefit to all as those conversations over networking breaks happen and ideas take flight. Knowledge is of no value unless cultivated and shared, the PM Summit sets the environment for this and the delegates allow the growth to take place..

Who are we? We are a gathering of eclectic project managers looking beyond our industries to experience and explore new ideas from other sectors. By bringing together as diverse a group of project management professionals as possible, we create a unique opportunity for true knowledge transfer and maturing of ideas. PM Summit is about the creation of a Community of Practice for project, program and portfolio management professionals.

 PM Summit #PMSummitIRL

PM Summit is an annual event that takes place during March in Dublin, Ireland hosting a global community of project, program and portfolio managers regardless of whether they use a traditional, lean and/or agile approach to their projects. Indeed, we even cater for those who use no specific methodology or framework. Unlike other project management events, the PM Summit caters to all sectors of industry, from engineering to pharmaceutical, from government bodies to Creative sector and beyond. The event is about placing ownership of the profession back in the hands of the project managers as project management is an attribute one tends to have aligned to your already core discipline. The goal for our event is to promote an inclusive community with the exchange of knowledge transfer amongst peers. Project Management belongs to no one particular institution but rather it belongs to the people working on projects of all sizes.

In 2019 we celebrated our 5th anniversary of hosting this leading premier event and below is a vignette into the day’s event.


Women in Project Management #WiPMIRL

The creation of Women in Project Management (WiPM) was a natural evolution of our founding principle. Project Management like many other professions is capable of gender balance especially due to the attributes required to perform the role.

Our vision for this event is to become a forum for women in project management to network with their peers, hone their skills and engage in the community as it develops, all while further promoting our profession.

We are delighted to announce that our inaugural Women in Project Management (WiPM) event will be hosted on Thursday 24 October at The Convention Centre Dublin. We encourage project management peers who are interested in presenting at this important event to submit a presentation proposal via the link HERE.