The Green Project Manager

With the recent upsurge in votes for Green candidates in the local and European elections, we got thinking at PM Summit HQ as to how within our profession we could become more environmentally friendly and conscious of the impact we may have on the ecosystem. Here are our Top 10 suggestions on how we can cut our carbon emissions. What are yours?

Print Less Paper
Rather than creating endless paper handouts for every attendee at a meeting why not simply email all attendees digital copies, request that no one print hard copies, and instead use tablets, laptops and large monitors to display and discuss at the meeting.

Why not consider setting up a Carpool if colleagues are travelling to the project site. When you could have up to 5 people in a car, this makes more sense than each individual taking their own vehicles.

Remote Working
Is it really necessary for everyone to be onsite 5 days a week? Think about allowing remote working at least once a week to cut down on travel costs and provide a better work/life balance.

Light Fittings
Have you checked to see that all lights are fitted with energy efficient bulbs? Are your lights worked off a sensor so they automatically turn off once no one is in the room or section of room?

Tap Water
Ensure that the water supply is fit for human consumption and encourage the project team to not purchase water in plastic bottles, but rather issue them with refillable drink bottles they can fill from the water tap.

Coffee Capsules
Think about the type of coffee machines around the office. Do they use recyclable coffee capsules, if not why not?

Personalised Cups
Why not issue each project team member with their own personalised cup that they can receive free tea/coffee from the canteen in order to cut down on disposable cups.


Site Bicycles
On a project I worked on many years ago we were provided with the option to utilise bicycles that were provided by the project office to get us around a very large site. It not only cut down on carbon emissions, but provided physical exercise to the project team too.

Use the Stairs
Rather than using the elevator in multi-storey project offices why not encourage people to use the stairs - even if a policy is made that every Friday is Stairs Day.

Fit Friday
On a Friday why not make it Fit Friday, where all team members are encouraged to walk at least 10,000 steps during that day. It will provide for a healthier, cohesive team, and rather than always sitting indoors for meetings why not walk and talk or take the meeting outside (weather permitting). This will without doubt provide for better mental health within the team.

These are just ten concepts we came up whilst brainstorming amongst the team here. Why don’t you carry out your own brainstorming session and let us know some of your ideas in the comments below. We’ll take the top ideas and post the results though an infographic here on the site! Drop us your list to