About PM Summit


We are a gathering of eclectic project managers looking beyond our industries to experience and explore new ideas from other sectors. By bringing together as diverse a group of project management professionals as possible, we create a unique opportunity for true knowledge transfer and maturing of ideas. PM Summit is about the creation of a Community of Practice for project, program and portfolio management professionals.


PM Summit is an annual event that takes place in Dublin, Ireland hosting a global community of project, program and portfolio managers regardless of whether they use traditional, lean and/or agile approach to their projects. Unlike other project management events, the PM Summit caters to all sectors of industry, from engineering to pharmaceutical, from government bodies to IT and beyond.

The importance and visibility of Project Management has never been higher. We established the PM Summit in 2015 in response to the growing trend in all business sectors towards incorporating project management into their organisations. Our aim is to deliver an event different than any others, where PM professionals from all industries can network and grow their knowledge together, adding real value to their professional development.

We are delighted to announce that our inaugural Women in Project Management (WiPM) event will be hosted on Thursday 24 October at The Convention Centre Dublin. We encourage project management peers who are interested in presenting at this important event to submit a presentation proposal via the link HERE.

Our vision for this event is to become a forum for women in project management to network with their peers, hone their skills and engage in the community as it develops, all while further promoting our profession.


Logo Explained

The chameleon within our logo reflects the reality that project managers play multiple and diverse roles in projects, always changing to satisfy project needs. Just like chameleons, project managers have to adapt very quickly to their surroundings, no matter if the project is traditional waterfall project or an agile one.