Sinead Walsh

US Operations Director PMIS Inc.

Sinead spent many years as a development chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, working on both the client and contractor side of pharmaceutical outsourcing projects in Ireland, Puerto Rico and Boston. She combines her project experience with a deep personal commitment to education to develop and implement new training offerings at PMIS.

Workshop Title: Overview of How to Develop FDA Within A Scheduling Software

Delays happen in projects. That’s a given. What isn’t a given is how project managers and schedulers document, record and ultimately defend these delays. Winning a claim for EoT or damages is easier if you have adequate records, relevant documentation and a persuasive case to make. This talk will provide you with an overview of how to use your scheduling tool to best prepare for and respond to inevitable project delays. Find out what features you can exploit and what features you should avoid from first setting up a baseline programme through progress updates.

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