Raymond Poole 

M.I.E.I. Dip Eng., Dip A.D.R., Dip in PM

Managing Director PMIS Ltd. & PM Summit

Raymond has been involved in projects since the 1980s. He has worked on high profile projects in Ireland & overseas. His client list traverses many business sectors. Always an outspoken & entertaining speaker, his presentations not only depart knowledge but also stimulate thought provoking questions for the individual.

Workshop Title: Impact of Mental Stress Factors Caused Through Managing Projects

Raymond wrote a Research Paper on the impact projects have on mental health, this presentation will review those findings along with discussing methods to alleviate stress and better manage ones time, team and project. Mental health is a major issue that very often gets overlooked by all professional bodies but in particular within the project management arena which is in its very essence a melting pot for stress due to tight budgets, timelines and limited resources.

  • Build awareness to the wider community about mental health
  • Demonstrate coping skills
  • Encourage open and frank discussions about this issue
  • Be able to identify warning signs within your team
  • How to cope should a colleague approach you about this issue

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