PM SUMMIT 2017 | Melanie Franklin

PM SUMMIT 2017 | Melanie Franklin

Melanie Franklin

Director Agile Change Management Limited

As the author of 8 books and an accomplished project management professional at the highest corporate levels, Melanie is acknowledged as a thought leader in business transformation and change management. She is a talented communicator and has a reputation for delivering complex information with humour and passion, encouraging lively debate within her audience.

Workshop Title: Adopting Agile is a Cultural Change

As so many organisations begin their move from waterfall to agile, common themes and challenges are starting to emerge. Primary amongst these is that adopting agile is a cultural change. It involves more people than just the project teams, meaning that if we want to use agile we have to be able to get the buy-in of senior managers.

Melanie has extensive experience in helping firms 'become agile' and shares her knowledge of the practicalities, likely successes and possible pitfalls.

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