PM SUMMIT 2017 | Stephen Carver

PM SUMMIT 2017 | Stephen Carver

Marcus Gageby

Partner – Project & Programme Management EY (Ernst & Young)

Marcus is a Partner in EY’s Project & Programme Management practice. He specialises in providing Strategy & Transformation advice to clients. He started his career in the UK, and has worked with a number of clients in areas including: banking, insurance, technology & communications, airlines, and utilities.

Presentation Title: Multi-Vendor Management in Major Programme Delivery

EY is conducting a major study in relation to Major Programme Delivery in Ireland. One aspect of this relates to the use of vendors and partners to support delivery of many aspects of their projects and programmers. Effective vendor management is a significant aspect of major programme delivery in 21st century Ireland.

Avoiding the pitfalls, and adopting a best practice approach to vendor management as part of major programme delivery, significantly increase business confidence in the delivery of the expected programme benefits to time, cost and quality and enables stakeholder buy-in during periods of change.

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