Our History

PricewaterhouseCoopers recently reported that 97% of organizations believe that Project Management is critical to business performance and organizational success. The importance and visibility of Project Management has never been higher. We established the PM Summit in 2015 in response to the growing trend in all business sectors towards incorporating project management into their organisations...

PM Summit

Managing Projects - Inspiring Growth

"Project Managers are the Chameleons of the professional world since their personalities and competencies appear to be a paradox of contradictions."

-Raymond Poole, Founder of PM Summit




Calling all movers, shakers and innovators - present your Project Management success story at the 2017 PM Summit! Share your knowledge and experience with hundreds of project management professionals across multiple industries.


Enjoy access to hundreds of delegates within the project management field in construction, health care, pharmaceutical, government bodies, etc.
Becoming a PM Summit sponsor allows you to announce new products and services, generate leads and extend brand awareness. It can even act as a recruitment service for attracting the latest and brightest project management professionals for your organisation.
Showcase your company at the 2017 PM Summit by becoming a sponsor today.

How does PM Summit differ from other PM Events?

Unlike other project management events, the PM Summit caters to all sectors of industry, from engineering to pharmaceutical, from government bodies to IT. We are a gathering of eclectic project managers looking beyond our industries to experience and explore new ideas from other sectors. By bringing together as diverse a group of project management professionals as possible, we create a unique opportunity for true knowledge transfer and maturing of ideas.

PM Summit & UNICEF Ireland Partnership


Since its inception in 2015, the PM Summit has partnered with UNICEF Ireland to support the great work they perform throughout the world. Within that time we have raised €25,000 in support of their Syria appeal as well as other campaigns. It is our corporate goal and commitment that we intend to donate over €100,000 to UNICEF Ireland over the coming years.

In addition, UNICEF Ireland has been a resident exhibitor at the event, allowing delegates to experience for themselves what life is like for children in refugee camps, through the use of virtual reality headsets. We are delighted to be associated and partner with such a deserving NGO, to review their mission statement click HERE.


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