Dee Morrissey

Training, Project Management and Consulting

As a Corporate Trainer, Dee Morrissey, MA (hons) MSc. specialises in assisting people to develop the skills to work smarter. As a Project Manager, as well as a leader of Process Improvement, how teams problem solve, work together & communicate effectively whilst doing so, is a passion of hers .

Presentation Title: Changes To PRINCE2 In 2017

Due to evolutions in business over recent years, in 2017, Axelos, the joint venture which runs PRINCE2,  has made some notable changes to it. The update reflects the increasing need to meet ever- changing customer expectations in project environments, where there is growing pressure to deliver more with less. What exactly has changed & what does it mean for project managers, if anything ? More importantly, what does this mean for those who are already certified as PRINCE2 Practitioners?

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