PM SUMMIT 2017 | Daniel Phipps

PM SUMMIT 2017 | Daniel Phipps

Daniel Phipps

Operations Director Ghyston (previously Softwire Bristol)

Dan has worked his way through a myriad of roles including consultant, scrum master, project manager, programme manager, and now Director of Ghyston. Throughout this winding path Dan has always held a fascination with how to get the best out of people, projects, and organisations, both in the short and long term.

Presentation Title: Bridging the Client/Supplier Divide in an Agile Environment

To deliver the user-centric care solution that the customer couldn't find in the market was clearly going to take a bespoke build, and given the scale and the limit of internal expertise that meant outsourcing to a dedicated software house. But how did that outsourcing arrangement work to deliver a genuine fit to business need on a tight timescale? Find out in this talk, and discover how you could get the most out of an Agile outsourcing arrangement.

  • How to help a non-technical team define their requirements for a technical solution.
  • Find out how to get the most out of an Agile outsourcing arrangement.
  • Discover how an outsourcing arrangement can deliver to business needs on a tight timescale.

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