PM SUMMIT 2017 | Arran Dowling-Hussey-

PM SUMMIT 2017 | Arran Dowling-Hussey-

Arran Dowling-Hussey

Barrister and Arbitrator Law Library, Dublin

Arran Dowling-Hussey is a Barrister and Arbitrator working in the Law Library, Dublin and also from 33 Bedford Row Chambers in London. He is the co-editor of the Construction, Engineering and Energy Law Journal of Ireland and co-author of two editions of the text book Arbitration Law. Arran is the coordinator in Dublin for the Society ofConstruction Law.

Presentation Title: Current issues in construction law: Delay. A discussion of the Society of Construction Law Delay Protocol and other recent developments.

The issue of delay is an ever present feature on the landscape  for those working in the construction industry. Approaching delay in a structured, reasoned and calm manner can by the nature of the issue be difficult. One set of guidelines that have proven a very popular guide on the practical matters that arise when considering delay is the Society of Constriction Law protocol on delay. The SCL delay protocol was recently revised and Arran Dowling-Hussey gives an overview of the present guidelines.

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